Joynestzrk1- Floor Plans

Joynestzrk1- Where Happiness Lives

Perfect home for families looking for a great lifestyle at a great location. Close to 100 Acres Park and Airport Ring Road PR 7, Joynest ZRK.1 is as prime a location as it can get. Plus, it offers all that an upward moving society needs - a club house, gymnasium, landscaped park, kids play area, 24x7 water and power back up. All of the these at a price that won’t make a hole in your pocket...

  • Cluster plan
  • Cluster plan
  • UNIT PLAN - 3BHK+2WR - 1270 Sq. Ft.
  • UNIT PLAN - 3BHK+3WR - 1350 Sq. Ft.